Born in Jerusalem (Yod Bet, Av, Tashah).


Graduates from Havat Hanoar Hatzioni High School, Jerusalem.


Enrolls in the Army. Finishing as an officer, "Peace of the Galilee" war.

1979 - 1982

release from the Army, and preparation for academic study.
Kmara Obscura photography course.


Studies Professional Photography at the Jerusalem "Hadassa College".


Graduates with Honor and is invited to assist at his teachers Professional Studio in Tel aviv.


Senior Photographer for the "Ha-ir" weekly newspaper, experimenting in journalism photography.


Opens a Studio for Artistic & Commercial Photography in Neve Tsedek, Tel aviv.
Teaches Photography at the Jerusalem "Hadassa College".
Publication of ‘Sefer Yam’, a book about Israel beaches with the Writer Tsur Shizef.


Intensive work for Advertising Agencies and Magazines.


One man Show “Kol Israel Haverim” at the Suzanne Dellal Center.


Series of his works is chosen for the "Bibliotheque Nationale de Paris Collection".
Exhibits at the 3rd Photography Biennale of Ein Harod.


Keren Sharett Scholarship awarded for three consecutive years, Ramat Gan Museum exhibition.


Opening of a new Studio / Gallery in the Florentine neighborhood, Tel aviv


Teaching and Commercial work for Advertising Agencies and various publications.
Illustrations of a book on the history of Neve Tzedek by Judy Cooper-Weil.
Publication of the “Jerusalem Project”- Packaged series of Panoramic pictures of Jerusalem.
Publication of the “Be tzel-El” series.


Teaches at the Vital Academy of Design, Florentine, Tel aviv.


Lives at the Artists Colony in Safed.
Exhibits his work at different Galleries in Safed.
Launch of the internet site:  Yoram Boozagloo,  Artist Photographer.


Moves to live in Jerusalem while still creating at his Tel aviv, Florentine Studio.
Teaches at the Mosrara School of Photography and Imaging.


Publication of new series called “Still life Photography”.


Coaches and Teaches “Studio Photography” at the School of his former Mentor, the late Gavra Mendel, in Tel aviv.
Lectures at different Conferences.
Exhibitions at different Art Schools.
Starts filming a Documentary “Touvia Hatzayar”, the life of the painter Touvia Katz.


Teaches courses of “Working with Light” and “Advanced Studio Photography” at the Sapir Academy in Sderot.
Researching and mixing his artistic conceptions with video art and Documentary Short films.


Buyers from Paris are interested in his earlier work.
“Simple Portrait”- new series of portraits.


Teach in "Art" school, Advanced photography course.
“Adam Ma? ”- Group exhibition at the Aman Academy of arts, Romema, Jerusalem.


Preparation for a Documentary film on “Poetry and Lyricism of the Communities of Israel”.
Filming a Restospective of the Artist Rachel Gordin.
Filming a Retrospective of the Artist Nakhsholi Barak.
Lectures “Mentor” and demonstrates “Studio Photography and Portrait Lighting” at Beit Tzionei America, Tel aviv.
“Ta-Arukha”- Group exhibition on Food Photography, "Tzilum Baam" Tel aviv.
Showcase of some Jerusalem pictures for a book by Dr.  Ar’el Shalit (Psychoanalyst)


Directing, filming and editing of short films for the “ Azmana Le-piout” site, documenting songs and prayers from Judaic traditions.
Group exhibition “Etz Ha-Da’at”, Hadassa Gallery, German Colony, Jerusalem.
Working on a Documentary film with the Sefaradi Singer, Moshe Khabusha.
Illustration Editor for the book “Avihem shel Israel 3” about the late Rabbi Mordechai Elyahu zatza"l.


Exhibition 'Tel Aviv Photo 2011', Curator Dalit Merhav, at the Art space of Rothschild Boulevard 12 Gallery , Tel Aviv.
Exhibition 'Salon Photo' Curator of Art Daniella Talmor, Gallery Port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv.


Exhibition 'Connection Points', Curator of Art Daniella Talmor, Gallery PYRAMIDA, Haifa.
Exhibition 'JAFFA SALON OF ART RENOVATES', Curator Yeara Oren, YOUNG ISRAELI ART, Gallery Port of Jaffa, Tel Aviv.


Exhibition 'LANDscape', Curator Avi Sabag, The New Gallery in Musrara, Jerusalem.
Exhibition 'Tel Aviv Photo 2013', Curator Dalit Merhav & Hila Tadmor, at Nachamni 22, Tel Aviv.
Moves to Studio at Shatner Center 3, Jerusalem.
Teaching a "video art" course, at the Art Department in "Emunah College", Jerusalem.
The 1st Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art Exhibition, Hechal Shlomo Museum, Jerusalem. Curator Nuris Sirkis-bank,  Assistant Curator  Noa Lea Cohn.


'Tuvia Katz – The Painter', A Documentary Film by Yoram Bouzaglo. Film Premiere at the 15th Jewish Film Festival – Jerusalem Cinematheque.
Exhibition 'kol, Devarim', Curator Dorin Yechezkel & Tal Shvartz, Gallery of Hadassah Academic College's Department of Photographic Communication – Photographic Media, Jerusalem.
Documentary film "Tuvia Katz – The Artist"
Yoram Buzaglo's documentary film was chosen for the premiere at the 15th Jewish Film Festival at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.
Solo exhibition "Kol, Deuteronomy" Curators Dorin Yehezkel, Tal Schwartz Department of Photographic Communication Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem.
Lector in the Short Film Selection Team 16th Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival.
Solo exhibition "neighbor earth” Curators Pnina Frank, Noa Leah Cohen Art Gallery, Jerusalem 


The film "Tuvia Katz – The Artist" was selected for broadcast on Channel 20 television.
Participation in the exhibition "We do not like it here with you”
Curator Nava T. Barazani College Gallery ‘David Yellin' Jerusalem.


Teaches and conducts photography workshops at the Musrara School of Photography and Drama, Jerusalem.
A new attempt to teach and bring children together in elementary schools in the fields of photography and art.
Guest lecturer, Hadassah College, Jerusalem, on "The boundaries between commercial photography and personal artistic photography" in the works of photographer Yoram Bouzaglo.
Visiting lecturer at the Aman School, the Haredi branch of the Bezalel Academy


Exhibition "Between sacred and profane” Curator Nurit Sirkis Bank Gallery Art & Wine,